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ASC Consultancy supports small, medium and larger care home providers through auditing and training. To enable us in our role as auditors, we are given permission, by the provider, to view a range of documents to enable us to comment on the specific service.

Sometimes, the information we gather is about the residents who use a service or staff who work in the service.

During audits, we will, where possible, seek the permission of residents, or that of their representative, to view their personal data by way of care plans and other records.

We seek staff permission to view their supervision records. We will have the provider’s permission to view other staff records relating to their recruitment.

If the information can identify any person, we will only use it if we are certain that it is necessary. Any such information is only shared with the provider, manager, or other relevant staff members to enable them to improve services or comply with legislation.

To protect confidentiality in our reports, we use only residents initials and/or room numbers, and staff titles or initials. This detail enables manager and providers to identify residents care plans that may need actions, and staff initials to identify strengths and necessary actions to ensure that the delivery of care meets regulations set by the Care Quality Commission.

The following are some examples of how we may access personal information:

  • Looking at care plans and medication records to ensure that they are accurate and complete, and that people are receiving safe, effective and responsive care.
  • Reviewing records of how services have managed and responded to complaints to ensure that they responded appropriately and that, where appropriate, lessons have been learned.
  • Checking that, where different services provide care for the same person, that they have shared information about the person properly within a shared protocol.
  • Contacting people, speaking with relatives, and professionals where appropriate, to seek their views about the care provided. We would always seek their permission to record their comments in our reports.

Evaluation sheets from training are given directly to the home manager, with key points taken from this feedback to improve our training.

Our notes from audits are retained until the report is agreed and then shredded. Report action plans are retained, for our reference, only where we will audit the service in the future. Reports are retained until the report has been agreed. Senior managers have an opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in our reports.

We do not share any information with any other persons or organisations.

Protecting your privacy

If we request, or are given information containing staff or residents names, we shred this information once used to write the report. If such information is emailed to us following an audit, it is deleted once the report is written.

We ensure that any personal information is stored securely, and will not retain it for longer than is necessary to write the report.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissions Office if you believe that we are holding data we are not authorised to hold.

Your contacts for ASC Consultancy, with regard to GDPR, are gillg@ascconsultancy.com or gillw@ascconsultancy.com

We may need to update our privacy policy periodically in relation to any legislation changes. We will do this on the web site which you're welcome to come back and check.

Our next formal review will be March 2020.

Policy written in May 2018 by Gill Gentles and Gill Wooldridge.

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