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To ASC Consultancy

Just a short note of thanks for your recent input with our Tender to Croydon Borough Council.

We were quite taken aback by the length of the Tender Documents, and I  am sure that without your input knowledge and skills in this area we would have struggled to complete it.

The Tender produced was of a very high standard and I am sure this moved us forward to the next stage of the process. Once again a big thanks for your input and I will let you know the outcome of the final Tender process.

Kind Regards

David Whitaker
Registered Manager
Farisean, Surrey

Hi Gill,

Thank you for your kind support.

It was like a warm, bright day after a storm and rain....

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Nicoleta Morar
Acting Manager
Mandeville Grange Nursing Home

Gill has been a great help to us at The Willow for several years now. She has been able to advise us and helped us to negotiate our way through the huge amount of daunting paperwork. Gill has the ability to help us to understand some of the jargon that makes some tasks appear overwhelming. Once we have understood how to tackle something, it became so much easier.

With Gill's expertise and knowledge she has helped us to keep up to date with all new legislation and keeps us on the ball with regards to our responsibilities. The good thing about Gill is that she makes us think for ourselves. She is able to get us to look at things in a different way. Gill helps us to expand on our good practice and we always take note of her good advice.

I would recommend Gill to anybody.

Lynne Woodstock
Proprietor and Registered Manager
The Willow

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