Subjects Relating to Safeguarding
A group of related topics which will support staff in safeguarding service users, clients, residents.
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Safeguarding (Half day course)
This course is for carers, supervisors, trainers and managers working with vulnerable adults and incorporates developing a safeguarding culture, challenging prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping, types and signs of safeguarding; CQC/Local Authority procedures for dealing with abuse and whistle blowing.

How Others See Us (Half day course)
Do staff reflect on their behaviour and practice? Are they understood, do they adopt the best possible approach? Training which offers an opportunity to reflect and, where necessary change behaviour and practice.

Behaviours that Challenge (Half day course)
Our behaviours that challenge training enables candidates to have an awareness and understanding of why sometimes a person may present behaviours that challenge. We ask candidates to analyse why some behaviours are challenging and whom is it challenging for? We look at ways of assessing the behaviour observed and at ways of recording appropriately.

MCA & DoLS (Half day course)
The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) came into force in 2007 and was designed to strengthen the protection of vulnerable adults. This workshop provides background to the MCA and its relationship to DoLS and how those working in the care sector can ensure compliance whilst carrying out their role. Candidates will also gain an understanding of how to keep the best interests of those they care for who may or may not be able to give consent.

Equality and Diversity (Half day course)
This course covers the principles of Equality and Diversity in the workplace including both awareness and responsibilities. We will explore attitudes, values and beliefs in a safe environment.

Team Building (One day course)
We explore ways of working together for common goals. Look at communication skills and share ideas about working together. We ask candidates to think about what they do already and how they can build a perfect team - or can we?

Customer Service (Half day course)
Who are the ‘customers’ and why should they be valued? Do they receive the best service? Your business depends on them? Training aimed at candidates understanding why there is need for customer care, legal, business and moral.