A range of subjects aimed at producing an effective and cohesive staff team.
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Understanding Appraisal (Half day course)
What is appraisal, what does it mean to appraiser and appraisee? Having a robust appraisal system in place will assist in maintaining the quality of the service, staff development and retention. These are just some of the benefits of this training.

Understanding Supervision (Half day course)
What is supervision and is it effective. Does it happen and do staff understand its purpose? A major contributor to monitoring performance and valuing staff; the most expensive ‘overhead’. Our training aims to ensure that supervision is effective.

Team Building (One day course)
The best outcomes are achieved by services whose staff work together. Does your team function together, what are the barriers? This course will enable analysis and strategies to build an effective and efficient staff team.

Customer Service (Half day course)
Who are your customers and why should they be valued? Do they receive the best service? Your business depends on them? Training aimed at staff understanding why there is need for customer care, legal, business and moral.

How Others See Us (Half day course)
Do staff reflect on their behaviour and practice? Are they understood, do they adopt the best possible approach? Training which offers an opportunity to reflect and, where necessary change behaviour and practice.

Quality Assurance (Half day course)
Are there systems in place to ensure compliance with the 16 key outcomes? Do staff understand them, what they must do and the consequences of failure to comply? This training will assist your service in achieving compliance.